The Prince: Lucifer's Origins

The Prince: Lucifer’s Origins is a fast-paced, survivalist nail-biter, with a large helping of science fiction adventure, a dash of military action, and a pinch of coming-of-age drama.” - Self-Publishing Review

"Mixing classic literature, science fiction, and religious texts as its inspiration, the unique setting of this book is quick to stimulate the imaginations of its readers." - Michael Radon, US Review of Books

“...a great science fiction tale with plenty of classical and religious references...Not only do I love this book, I love the idea of this book.” - Ray Simmons, Readers' Favorite Reviews

"This novel, “The Prince: Lucifer’s Origins” by J.M. Erickson is just the type of novel I love to get lost in – original, intelligent, creative escapism that is so clearly not of this world (or is it? ha), but we are very much a part of it in almost every way." - Laura Clarke– Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

The Prince is a compelling novel of action, survival, and stark morality, where the struggles range from unique and personal to galaxy-shaking.” - Self-Publishing Review

"With exciting action, a fantastical plot, and a handful of genuinely enjoyable characters, this book follows in the footsteps of the author's previous work, continuing to showcase his superb balance of the challenge his characters face and the ways they internalize it and interact with one another." - Michael Radon, US Review of Books

“Erickson presents strong, talented women of varying ages who hold their own in what is still largely a patriarchal universe...there’s plenty of action, intrigue and humanity to enjoy as well.”  - K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite Reviews

“Science fiction enthusiasts will no doubt find The Prince entertaining, and there are elements enough of other genres to draw a readership from a far larger crowd.” - Self-Publishing Review

The stories are always fast paced, intelligently written, great editing, interesting characters, and a great plot But they also tie into the bigger, more universal landscape of life, in this case touching on many broader themes that play out quite brilliantly in this universe he created. - Karen Matthews, Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

The Prince: Lucifer’s Origins, is a thought-provoking and intense read that's brimming with action, adventure and exploration.” - Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite Reviews

“Various peoples, planets, societies, aliens, customs, and technologies populate the book, which creates a setting that feels viable and a depth that is palpable as the plot progresses.” - Self-Publishing Review

“The characters created have such a depth to them that you could almost picture yourself walking on this journey right alongside them.”  - Kathryn Bennett, Readers' Favorite Reviews