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Eagle: Birds of Flight - Book Three

  • Eric Daniels, also known by the name “Eagle”, wants vengeance, and he wants to take it out on Alexander Burns, the man he has put at fault for his demise. Once upon a time he held the post of chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Agency but since it was wiped out, he has been hiding from authorities. Meanwhile, Alexander Burns knows Daniels is after him and is waiting for Daniels’s plans to unfold, preparing to outdo him by luring Daniels before striking him down. But events soon take a different turn when Daniels targets Burns’s family. As the Eagle puts things into motion with his eye on destroying Burns’s life, Burns has to come up with a different strategy to protect his loved ones from Daniels’s ire.
    In the third book in the "Birds of Flight" series, author J.M. Erickson continues to amaze readers with another spellbinding thriller that suspense novel fans will surely enjoy spending time on. Well-written characters will grip you from start to finish as they experience chapter after chapter of action-packed adventures. Page one starts in mayhem, and anyone will want to find out the answer to the question “What happened?” Thrills and dangers have never gotten more real in their descriptions, and even more so when a family is involved – one will agree, anyone would do anything to protect those who are most important in one’s life. This novel holds a brilliantly executed plot line with multi-dimensional characters that will have you hanging on to the edge of your seat. (4 stars) – Maria Beltan

  • In "Eagle: Birds of Flight", the third book in J.M. Erickson's thriller series, fugitive Alex Burns and Chairman Eric Daniels, former agent and Chairman for the Foreign Intelligence Agency, respectively, have traded places. In the prologue, we see Burns visiting the tomb of his wife and co-conspirator, Samantha, who was a key part of his team when Daniel's forces were trying to kill him. The other members of his family are being protected by the U.S. Government in Spain. Daniels has been discredited and is now a fugitive living in the woods in British Columbia. He has two former employees still working for him, Alica Wise, who is convinced that Burns and those who aid him are traitors, and Jeffrey Glenn, who was the Operations Manager for the Agency and whose fealty has been bought and paid for. Wise's target is Alex Burns. Glenn is overseeing an operation in Spain which he believes will result in the apprehension of Burns's remaining family members.
    I read the first and third books in 'The Birds of Flight trilogy' and loved them both. Erickson has the ability to make his characters so compelling that they stand larger than life and draw you into their lives. The only regret I had in reading this book is that I hadn't read the second in the series beforehand. Too much happened between the two books that I did read, and there are new relationships and situations, which, though addressed briefly in the prologue, remain tantalizingly distant and unexplored. Yes, I do plan to read that second book; however, it would have been a much more fluid journey read if I read in sequence. These books are simply incredible, and I highly recommend them. (5 stars) – Jack Magnus

  • "Eagle: Birds of Flight Book Three" by J.M Erickson is full of intrigue and spy games. Allies will break, enemies will rise up and others will join in the battle. The Department of Defense Foreign Intelligence Agency has been disassembled and the agents have been scattered to the winds. Alexander J. Burns waits to see what battle his former boss turned enemy Eric I. Daniels will do. The two used to be on the same side of things, but now with chaos reigning they are on different sides of the issue; Burns wants to see peace and Daniels only wants revenge. In this third book of the series Burns has decided that being in plain site is the way for him; he works, lives and is even seeing a therapist about trauma and the loss of Samantha. While Burns is doing these things and waiting to see when the other team led by Daniels will strike, the enemy plots and prepares to launch an attack.
    Eagle is the third in a four part series by J.M Erickson and really takes the excitement up another notch. I have found myself getting more and more involved in thrillers like this that involve the FBI, CIA and other such agencies that end up having two sides fighting each other. Erickson really pulled me in with this one and kept me flipping the pages as fast as I could take in the words. All of the characters are very well-developed and you keep wanting to find out what is happening with each of them. I even enjoyed the enemy side of things personally. Not saying I liked them as people, but when I have a character that needs to be seen as the bad guy I want to dislike, I want them to have enough personality to really make me not like them. Erickson has done this. I also really enjoy the good guys of course! A nice full bodied read I would recommend for any reader. (5 stars) – Kathryn Bennett