Raven: Birds of Flight - Book Two

​Honorable Mention, Action Genre, Readers' Favorite 2013 International Book Award

"...Erickson has created a taunt suspenseful thriller sure to entice fans of Clancy, Flynn, and Ludlum. Intertwining current events from across the globe brings a sense of realism to the plot..." L. A. Webb, US Review of Books 

"As with "Raven," the author uses his extensive knowledge of psychology to create characters that are complex and multi-dimensional...."Paige Lovitt, Readers View

"...This book is full of unpredictable twists and turns, and I particularly appreciated the sense of realism in this story..." Palmetto Review

"... There are just as many explosions and gunfights here, but the overall mood of the work is tenser, and less triumphant, as Burns and his family risk not only their freedom, but their lives...An ambitious thriller that looks at the gray areas between vengeance and justice, law and morality." Kirkus Review

"...an amazing job of crafting believable, witty dialogue...he subtly builds the suspense to a breaking point, creating a climactic scene that is both aesthetically rewarding and realistic..." Christopher Ackerman, I.P. Professional Book Reviewers

"... I find it incredible the way Erickson managed to have high action from beginning to end and yet the suspense builds to a crescendo..." (5 Stars) Anne Boling, Readers Favorite

"...Raven" is fast-paced and character-driven, resulting in an exhilarating read. It is also a psychological thriller and gives us an insight into how these trained anti terrorist agents think and act when they are under extreme conditions..." (4 Stars) Maria Beltran, Readers Favorite