Future Prometheus: The Series

Finalist in the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards - Science Fiction  

  In the tradition of dystopian science-fiction, Future Prometheus - The Series compiles five novellas into on full-length epic of a world where the science we know today has warped into masterful and terrifying ways.
    Emergence begins with a mysterious pandemic that diminishes men's ability to think rationally making them terrifying killers. With women seizing power, a desperate pair of plans are developed – one is to keep the survivors safe behind the walls of mega-states, and the other requires finding unaffected men to re-populate the world. Evolution follows both the growth of artificial persons' (APs) sapience as they find their footing in the bold new civilization, and the world altering effects of the sole surviving man from more than one hundred sixty years ago. Revolution finds the powerful mega-state Nemericana forming a defensive line against the formation of a powerful enemy – their own artificial persons gone rogue. And while Successions unveils shifting world powers with humanity balancing on the edge of extinction, Resurrections reveals the formation of unlikely alliances to fight the forces of evil culminating in one massive invasion on Judgment Day – June 6th 2175.
    First published in 2013, Future Prometheus: Emergence & Evolution won various awards from Foreword Reviews INDIEFAB Book of the Year and Readers' Favorite International Book Awards, as well as critical recognition from Kirkus Reviews, Awesome Indie Reviews, and US Review of Books.
    Future Prometheus: Revolution, Successions & Resurrections continued the story published in 2014 where it won top award at Foreword Reviews INDIEFAB Book of the Year, as well as strong recommendations from Kirkus Reviews, US Review of Books and Self-Publishing Reviews. 

Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

​        Whoa! What a book I just finished! Future Prometheus: The Series is a compilation of five novellas by author J.M. Erickson, and an absolutely fantastic read. Follow the story of a bleak, dystopian world in which a terrible disease has infected mankind, taking away men's abilities to think appropriately, and thus making them into terrifying killers. Plans are made to keep the survivors safe behind walls of mega-states and to start breeding programs for the unafflicted. The story continues with the government becoming more and more powerful and trying to fight their own creation, their own "artificial persons" who have gone off the tracks and are now the main enemies of Nemericana, the powerful mega state. The story culminates with an alliance desperate to save what is left of humanity.
   Future Prometheus: The Series was a real roller coaster ride of a read! Exciting, adventurous, thrilling and emotional, the story hooked me in from the first page and kept me reading until the very end. I picked this book up, intending to only read a few chapters before going to sleep, and instead I found myself still up at 2 a.m. finishing the last page. Readers who love a great piece of fiction should read this book, and if you love dystopian stories and science fiction, all the better. I am unreservedly giving my full recommendation to this book, and think that readers are lucky to be able to read all five of these novellas in one great collection. Author J.M. Erickson, I hope that you are hard at work on your next series. I, for one, will be watching eagerly for its arrival! - (5 stars) Tracy Slowiak, Readers' Favorite

    In an absolutely fantastic compilation of five epic novellas, Future Prometheus: The Series by author J.M. Erickson, readers will have the opportunity to get the full story of the dystopian world created by author Erickson, all at one time. Beginning with a mysterious pandemic that removes men's ability to think rationally, and continuing through to desperate plans to prevent the complete annihilation of all of mankind, to the development of a massive and corrupt government that controls the very lives and deaths of its citizens, and finally to the formation of alliances with the main goal of fighting the forces of evil, this series within one book will take its readers on an absolute roller coaster of a ride through time.
    This book was fantastic. Fan. Tas. Tic. Author J.M. Erickson's work in these epic tales shines through as a stellar example of dystopian science fiction. His ability to create worlds is simply second to none, and his strong characterizations and scene writing skills add hugely to this extremely worthy read. Readers who enjoy dystopian fiction, science fiction, action, adventure, military or political intrigue, or simply a great read in general, should absolutely rush to pick up this book and read it. I highly recommend Future Prometheus: The Series.
    I am extremely hopeful that author J.M. Erickson is already hard at work on his next book. I, for one, will be eagerly waiting for its release. With this amount of talent, it's hard to imagine that J.M. Erickson will remain undiscovered for long, and readers should do themselves a favor and become one of his first fans while they can! - (5 stars) Chris Fischer, Readers' Favorite

    I’m going to start this review by giving Future Prometheus by J.M. Erickson the highest praise I think anyone can give a book. I could not put it down. There are a lot of characters in the Future Prometheus series and I found myself caring about them, worrying about their lives, and cheering for a good outcome for all of them. I found Lieutenant Jose Melendez to be the perfect father figure, with all the faults and strengths that a good father will have. I found myself filled with hope and delight that June, Emma, and all the other “Artificial Persons” might reach true sapience. I even held out hope that Aurora and the other “evil” Artificial People who followed her would one day find the value of emotions, morals, and positive personal interactions. In other words, I had to see how the story would end. I had to see what comes next. When a writer can evoke that feeling in a reader he has done his job, and he has done it well.
    Nothing was overdone or underdone in Future Prometheus. J.M. Erickson got it just right. There are classical quotes and references for the intellectuals. There is plenty of human psychology for those who think about how and why we tick. There is romance, conflict, drama and plenty of action. All in all, it was just a great book with great characters and I’m probably not the only reader who wants to see more of this world and these people. - (5 stars) Ray Simmons, Readers' Favorite