Palmetto Review

Future Prometheus II: Revolution, Successions & Resurrections

In continuance of his visionary science fiction series, Future Prometheus, author J.M. Erickson’s  Future Prometheus ll sustains the saga of a horrifying dystopian society. This intriguing sequel to the series advances the saga to new heights as the fascinating mix of intelligently devised characters, intense action  and provocative ideals drive the story and utterly captivates its readers .

Divided into three novellas, Revolutions, Successions and Resurrections, each is good enough to be a stand - alone read however, they also link well enough to make the series of novellas easily connect into a wholly imaginative themed read.

Revolutions continues to cultivate the story with the efforts of Lt Jose Melendez commander of Omega platoon, his team of human cadets and friendly artificial persons. The APs both friendly and rogue continue to grow to a state exceeding sapience as they experience complex progressions of human qualities. In addition, major changes as well as major threats abound for Melendez, Omega platoon and the APs.

Successions has the beginnings of a new world order as the after affects of a vicious EMP (electro- magnetic pulse) attack has reset life for all inhabitants of Nemericana.

Resurrections, the final novella, advances the story to a dynamic crescendo as the ultimate battle for good vs. evil escalates.

Future Prometheus is one science fiction series I would definitely indulge in reading a second time, it is simply that good. The richly detailed scenes, the overall creativity, and the synergy between characters are what elevates this series to reading greatness.  Author J.M. Erickson did a superb job in creating a world where perceptive insights into human psychological and sexual nature are brilliantly exposed. I enthusiastically recommend this read for adult science fiction fans the series is as prolific as it is entertaining.