Future Prometheus

Emergence & Evolution

Bronze Medal, Action Genre, Readers' Favorite 2014 International Book Awards 


“A gripping story featuring well-constructed characters, poignant moral dilemmas and a chillingly realistic dystopian future.” - Kirkus Review

“...Fast paced, highly imaginative, and absolutely fascinating, Future Prometheus: Emergence &Evolution is a book that truly entertains. This is true for both fans of science fiction novels as well as for the general reader. The characters are quite interesting and varied....” - (4 Stars)  Maria Beltran,Reader's Favorite

“...He draws on classical references, and especially literature, in his work, and readers will likely appreciate the way he beautifully weaves in references to Mary Shelley, H.G. Wells and other masters of science fiction. Overall, it’s dystopian literature at its finest...”- Kirkus Review

...Future Prometheus: Emergence and Evolution by J.M. Erickson is a brilliantly written work with enough imagination mixed with reality to make it intriguing to even the most critical reader. The development of characters is superb and the plot line will keep the reader turning pages to find out what comes next...” - (5 Stars)  Bil Howard,Reader's Favorite

“...Erickson artfully raises profound ethical and philosophical questions regarding class systems, gender equality, neurodiversity and what it means to be human...”- Kirkus Review

“...kudos to J.M. Erickson for a superb plot. The prose is great and the pacing is excellent. All in all, Future Prometheus: Emergence & Evolution is an exciting science fiction thriller and won’t disappoint the fans of the genre...”- ( 4  Stars)  Lit Amri,Reader's Favorite

"The writing is highly engaging and lively. It's very easy to get lost in the action and carried away by your involvement with the characters."- Wendy Strain, US Review of Books (Recommended)