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Eagle: Birds of Flight - Book Three

"As the cars stopped suddenly, doors flung open, releasing scores of men and women with guns."

      The web of espionage and intrigue laid out in the previous two books continues to snare all those involved in this latest exciting chapter in the series revolving around the Foreign Intelligence Agency. Rogue agent Alexander Burns is asked to come out of hiding to help track down his nemesis, Eric Daniels. Working with other agents to protect VIPs and track down the ruthless masterminds threatening the very stability of the American government, Burns and his colleagues are trying to stay one step ahead at all times, trying to prevent any further chaos or loss of life. What ensues is a race against time that incorporates organized crime families, a dangerous militia, and foreign special forces into one thrilling tale of suspense and action.
      As the third book in this series, this title may not be the greatest starting point for new readers, though they will certainly get a taste of the action and will be curious to learn about the previous exploits of Burns and the downfall of the Foreign Intelligence Agency. Even for those just joining the story, the drama unfolds at a rapid pace, developing twists and turns as it goes along in the tradition of other legendary action writers. There is a strong degree of violence and language, but it is always appropriate in context and only enhances the scenes that include it.
      Readers looking for a new hero to follow after exhausting Bond and Bourne will gravitate toward the professional, enigmatic Burns, and the trouble that seems to follow him without rest. - Michael Radon