The Prince: Lucifer’s Origins is a science fiction novel by J.M. Erickson. The adventure settles on young protagonist Prince Victor Venture IX, descendant of an intergalactic royal family. Victor makes the decision to pursue his studies instead of his usual roles in the court, but his preteen thirst for knowledge is short-lived when a fellow princely brother gives him a one-way invite to join him in the Sagittarius Sector. From here, a twisting web of intrigue begins that sees poor Victor thrown into the depths of the somehow-familiar planet of Hell, only to rise again with incredible strength that seems to be sent from the universe itself.
    I have read some of J.M. Erickson’s action novels before, and I was delighted to see that the same high level of attention to detail goes into his science fiction works. The Prince: Lucifer’s Origins is the kind of book that needs to be read and digested slowly, with a varied cast of characters who pick up different parts of the story, and a lot of information regarding the politics and history of the vivid interplanetary world that Victor travels around. In The Prince, I found myself captivated by the intense character development of the female characters, which I usually find lacking in the science fiction genre. Erickson presents strong, talented women of varying ages who hold their own in what is still largely a patriarchal universe. Though planetary politics is definitely the theme at the novel’s heart, there’s plenty of action, intrigue and humanity to enjoy as well. - (5 stars) K.C. Finn

    The Prince: Lucifer's Origins by J.M. Erickson is a book of science fiction that introduces you to Prince Victor Venture who would prefer to stay where he is on a University world and do nothing but learn. However the Royal family demands his attendance at the court of his brother and so he must go. Another of his brothers is there as well. Prince Ramsey fears the other two brothers will form an alliance so he decides to kill Victor. While Victor does not end up dead, he is stuck on a planet that is vicious and hostile, a planet that may as well be Hell - but Victor survives and becomes his own force of nature, and not only survives but thrives.
    I love a good science fiction story and this is not just a good one but a fantastic one. An interesting take on the origins of Lucifer, but at its core it is a story about the strength to adapt, change and become someone else when you have no choice. The images painted are strong and they stand out as clear as a movie when you are reading. The characters created have such a depth to them that you could almost picture yourself walking on this journey right alongside them. This is my first J.M. Erickson book but won't be the last; there is a deep talent with excellent turn of phrase here and I truly enjoyed the writing style. If you are ready to dive into a new world with some familiar themes painted in a different way, then this is the book for you. - (5 stars) Kathryn Bennett

    This is science fiction set in a feudal background. A winning combination for books as different as Dune and Star Wars. The Prince: Lucifer's Origin's opens with an introduction to two strong female cousins. J.M. Erickson then begins painting a picture of a galactic empire in turmoil and these warriors, Sergeant Marcia Devin and Captain Regina Devin, are poised to play a big part in setting things straight because they find themselves guarding twelve-year-old Prince Victor Venture IX. Victor has brothers and he is actually last in line for the throne...but maybe all that will change. There are a host of interesting characters, plenty of internecine strife, and a future that is very strange but very, very possible.
    I like science fiction. I like it a lot. But it was not my first love as a young reader; classical mythology was. So I'm a pushover for a great science fiction tale with plenty of classical and religious references. This is a pretty good description of The Prince: Lucifer's Origins by J.M. Erickson. Not only do I love this book, I love the idea of this book. A story of what might have happened to explain some myths that have been passed down for generations...or how they might be created in the future. Either way you look at it, this is a great idea. However, in order to make it a good book, you still need the basics: great characters, a great plot, and good writing. J.M. Erickson delivers on all three counts. - (5 stars) Ray Simmons

    The Prince: Lucifer’s Origins by J.M. Erickson tells the story of how Prince Victor Venture IX came to be the lord of planet Hell. Prince Victor is the youngest prince of the Royal Family. Like all of the princes, he was sent to the university planet to gain an education, but unlike the other princes, he was left there for many years, which enabled him to become a free thinker. When the aircraft transporting Victor is attacked by his older brother, Victor is set on a course to land on planet Hell. Hell is virtually abandoned, with the exception of a couple of predatory species and an archaic computer whose sole function is to repopulate the planet. Victor’s time in Hell molds him, but now he must face his family and the destruction they have created.
    The Prince: Lucifer’s Origins by J.M. Erickson is an exciting take on the old tale of the Lord of Hell. I found the futuristic Hell fascinating, and I couldn’t stop turning the pages to find out what would happen to Victor while he was there. The different races and planets were imaginative, and I found myself easily slipping into the worlds that J.M. Erickson created. I loved the characters, especially Rose, and I enjoyed that the interactions between the characters were frequently informal and made me chuckle. While the themes in the book were serious and there was plenty of action, there were also many times where the characters’ personalities were expressed, which made it easy to identify with them and made me care what happened to them. This was an imaginative retelling of Lucifer, and I definitely recommend this book. - (4 stars) Sarah Lowry

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The Prince: Lucifer's Origins

    The Prince: Lucifer’s Origins is a science fiction novel written by J.M. Erickson. Prince Victor Venture IX is the younger brother of Prince Jason who had been ruling the Sagittarius Sector. Victor’s been studying on Pax, a university planet, for most of his life, and he’s been hoping that he’ll be forgotten and allowed to remain there. Jason has other plans for his brother, however, and he wants to start training him. Victor will be escorted by Sergeant Marcia Devin and her crew. They’re not terribly impressed by the diffident, scholarly twelve-year-old they’re travelling with, and their concerns for him are heightened when their transport ship is attacked on the orders of Prince Ramsey of the Capricorn Sector, who’s decided that he wants to control both sectors.
    J.M. Erickson's science fiction thriller, The Prince: Lucifer’s Origins, is a thought-provoking and intense read that's brimming with action, adventure and exploration as young Victor becomes the Prince in more than just name and lineage. I've become rather disenchanted with the science fiction genre of late and was not sure what to expect with this offering, but the author's original story, lucid writing style and skillful plotting quickly had me fully involved with the story and having a grand time as I read it. I had previously read and enjoyed J.M. Erickson's Birds of Prey series and, as with those books, found this science fiction story to be a thinking person's thriller that satisfies on a number of levels. I'm hoping the author has plans for a sequel. The Prince: Lucifer’s Origins is most highly recommended. - (5 stars) Jack Magnus