Birds of Flight - Book Three

Honorable Mention, Adventure Genre, Readers' Favorite 2014 International Book Award

"...Even for those just joining the story, the drama unfolds at a rapid pace, developing twists and turns as it goes along in the tradition of other legendary action writers. There is a strong degree of violence and language, but it is always appropriate in context and only enhances the scenes that include it..."Michael Radon, US Review of Books

"...J.M. Erickson continues to amaze readers with another spellbinding thriller...This novel holds a brilliantly executed plot line with multi-dimensional characters that will have you hanging on to the edge of your seat..."  Maria Beltran, Readers' Favorite

"...In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this book and its prequels (and the upcoming sequel) will be made into one or two movies for television... the story is first rate, the characters are developed professionally, the plots are clear and hold true throughout the book, and the settings for the scenes are spot on in regard to the little things..." Pacific Book Review

"...The book is full of strong, compelling women...They are smart, funny, and sexy as hell - a bonus for any reader who loves strong female characters..." Christine Nguyen, Readers' Favorite

"...The novel "Eagle" gives a more human side to many of the characters, especially Burns. He has come a long way in his recovery in that he has accepted his actions from the past...Having read three books in this well-written series, I look forward to the fourth. Fans of mystery, intrigue and suspense will love the "Birds of Flight" series by J.M. Erickson. " Paige Lovitt, Reader Views